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Its him


    Its him

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    Ariana Grande - A Little Of Your Heart

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    Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes doing the ice bucket challenge 

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Guardians of the Universe


    Guardians of the Universe

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    i almost got arrested when i was 7 because i was putting that fake snow stuff in plastic sandwich baggies and giving them to all my friends and more and more kids would come to me asking for snow and one of the kid’s parents found it and they thought it was cocaine so they called the police on us and they literally thought that a 7 year old girl had created an underground drug distributing system

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  7. Favorite moments of Amelia Pond.

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  8. make me choose → asked by amywilliems
    ↳ eleven in season 5 or 7?

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    Pretending not to care what people say and think about you is possibly the hardest thing. Trying to stop it all is even harder…

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